The Center Zip Fastening Amazing Jacket


Product Details:

  • Faux Leather Available In Blue Color
  • The Design Of The Collar Is Snap Tab
  • The Front Of The Jacket Is Zipped Off-The Center
  • The Internal Viscose Lining Of The Jacket Gives It A Fitted Look
  • Two Pockets On The Chest Are Vertical And Two On The Waist In Horizontal Angle
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This new product which is introduced to the customers is new and unique. The style is complete and complements the fashion statement. The individuals can successfully get the attention of the audience and attract them through this stunning off-the center zip fastening amazing jacket. All the features of the jacket make its wearer look appealing and stunning.

The description of the product is that it is made from faux leather which is guaranteed and available in blue color. The design of the collar is snap tab which fits it to the neck and gives it a fitted look. Besides this, the front of the jacket is zipped in a cross style which again gives a fitted look to the person wearing the jacket.

The style of the jacket is casual, hence the two pockets which are available on the chest are in vertical direction and two pockets which are placed on the waist are available in horizontal angle. The bright blue color of the jacket is further complemented by the chromed zipped features. The perfect look of the jacket is due to the internal viscose lining through which the fitted look of the jacket is connected.

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XS, S, M, L, XL, 2-XL, 3-XL, CS

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