Godzilla Leather Jacket

Fashion, one single word has so many interesting and fascinating angles that it is just surprising to see even if we think we know everything about it but we just simply don’t. The growing culture of fashion, its breakthroughs and the changes that have taken over a period of time is a detailed study on its own if one wants to have the expertise in the fashion world. Even designers sometimes are afraid to admit the fact that they know everything about the fashion, because of the capacity of over the night changes it can have. A lot depends on the way consumers have become more open and versatile in order to adopt new and the latest introduced fashion, this played a strong role in the growth and evolution of the fashion industry.

Today this article will talk about some of the major breakthroughs in the fashion industry, in the context of new trends that have become the norms of today:

  • Fur and fur designs: At one point in time and still the use of Fur was still a taboo in the society due to the fact that it promoted animal killing for commercial use. However still the fashion of fur and fur designs is very much part of the society. If you take a walk in the most elite classes of society and study their fashion adoption then you will be surprised to see a lot of it has adopted the use of fur and fur designed outfits.
  • Jackets and gowns: Initially jackets were meant to be an extra layer to provide you protective element in wintery or breezy conditions. However, today, irrespective of the season and its impact jackets are proven to be the most versatile and used trend in societies across the world. Leather jackets, especially have even further enhanced the value and fashion taste of these leather jackets. Additionally the use of celebrity and movie jackets has given them a more boost, take an example of the Godzilla leather jacket, we all love this monster movie. However, consumers love it even more when an outfit directly associated with this movie comes for them.

Eastern and western fusion: Traditionally in old days both sides of east and west have fashion that was completely different to each other. Today however, it has become a common trend to design a fusion of both eastern and western taste in an expensive fashion statement. The touch of both gives such outfits even more value and price. Designers have started to experiment things like this in order to promote modern taste of fashion that is the most versatile as one could imagine to be. This is where the world of fashion gets so much more interesting. We can debate and argue all we want, the growth and potential in this industry will continue to surprise many of us. This potential will continue to go on if designers keep on working their talents like this and the media keeps playing its part in promoting fashion awareness and trends among consumers.

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