Be A Star in Your Once Upon A Time Leather Jacket

There are many individuals out there who glue themselves to their television screens every time Emma Swan takes them on a venture in fairy land. Shown to be the daughter of Snow White in the series, the captivating acting, the graphics and the action of the series have made it a phenomenon over the years. Like all the other films and television series, this one has also grown to be known because of the protagonist. And what is it that everyone wants to know about the protagonist? Where they get their clothes from that makes them the character they are.

For this very reason and to fill the greed of the fans who want to look like Emma Swan, the Once Upon a Time Leather Jacket has been made available. In the main display of the show, Swan wears a gorgeous short red leather jacket. Though the color makes it look like it can only be worn with a few pairs of colors, Swan proves her fans wrong by wearing it with almost everything. Ending almost right above her hip, this jacket has a wonderful cut to it. It has a zipper front that ends right at the top of the jacket. It is full sleeved with simple cuffs that make it look elegant in its color. The collar is flapped and different. This jacket does not seem to have any pockets and thus seems to serve more as a soothing to the eye item, rather than as a place to put your car keys in. It is a slim fit and almost glues itself to the body. However, it is loose enough to fit under it a thin sweater to beat the cold.

Swan is also seen wearing a wonderful black leather jacket, this is completely different than the red as it is roomy and plus sized. The hooded cap of the jacket makes it to have a comfortable and warm look. The fur lining on the hooded cap makes it all the more enticing for the fans to own. This ends almost in the middle of the thighs and has a lot more room in it than the red one. Its inner lining is woolen and warm. There are two pockets on each side of the jacket on the outside for Swan to stuff her hands into incase it snows. It is padded, making it warm and absolutely cuddle friendly. It also has a belted strap to give this large jacket a more concise and slim fit look. It can be worn with a number of layers and a woolen cap. Despite its largeness and being rather full, it still serves as a style statement. It is for colder climates and looks a lot finer when it comes to handling a body type. So if you are a fan of the woman in a fairy tale wonderland and want to experience something only remotely close to what she does, you can now be the proud owner of the exact replica of the jacket she wears on the show.

James Bond Men’s Leather Jacket

There is perhaps no one out there in the world, despite their global location, who has not at least once in their lifetime heard the name James Bond. If they don’t know who played it, they know who he is. If they don’t know who he is, they know which of their favorite character played it. Over the years and making and remaking of various versions of this film have turned this into a completely new genre and a unique phenomenon all on its own. People don’t know James Bond as a film, they know James Bond as a category that is distinct and individuated.

When something like this happens, people want what the character has and with James Bond it’s his clothes and above all the James Bond Men’s leather jacket. This leather jacket which was obviously made with great care for the character, the exact replica of it is available for all the people who love the film and the story. This jacket has been made with great care so that whoever ends up buying it feels like he is wearing the actual thing and not a copy of it. The design has been copied and implemented with great care and pain and the final product is made to look as authentic as possible.

It is made of a wonderful shade of black in between gray and has a different color zipper that runs down from the neck to the end of the waistline. The sleeves are long and end almost in the palms and have a slender fit. The seams around the zipper are slightly embossed that add the class to the making of this. There is a black cloth piece at the neck that adds further color to the product. The pockets are lined at the front, two on each side of the zipper that make it looks spacious and also make it fit nicely. This is the kind of jacket that needs no special occasion to be worn at; whenever it is worn it is a special occasion. It makes the personality of the wearer resonate as he feels confident with this pure leather glued to his skin.

The material of this one of a kind and a complete must have jacket is pure leather through and through. The front pockets that are located on each side of the zipper are spacious and open in flaps. The sleeves of this jacket end in straight hemline cuffs and are slender and sleek in shape.The collar stands up, the color is a dusty shade of brown shifting into black. This is the exact thing you need if you are a diehard James Bond fan. This unique jacket epitomizes all that is related to the character and the story and adds volumes to the personality of the wearer. It is comfortable, stylish and trendy all at once. It demands attention and will make sure that heads turn to see you as you walk by in this one of a kind leather beauty.