Our outfits speak a lot more than just how we look, they are the symbolic answers to so many questions that the outside world intentionally or unintentionally throws at us. The more deeply we understand how our dress and fashion taste portrays the overall impressions about us onto others, we will be surprised to see that before anything else, what matters to people is whether that impression suits them or not, and if it does suit them then only you have a chance to shine by making a conversation. So impressions through dressing are the number one step in socializing.


There are a few very obvious signs that our fashion and dressing sense gives out. Let us talk about them first:

  • Our social status: The deeply engraved materialism in our society is also associated with the phenomena of fashion. Everything is judged on price tags and brand value. So if you are wearing say Alex Mercer Prototype leather jacket that is made of original synthetic leather, people will assume you belong to upper class and that you follow the elite fashion. While if you are wearing something that is a cheap bargained found in discounted markets, then people will surely assume you belong to a lower or middle class of the society without even knowing anything about you. This now has become a common trend with so much materialism and priority on monetary elements of life, it is not possible to defeat such trends but to dress and socialize as per one.
  • Our attitude and personality: One of the major signs of our fashion and dressing is our personality and attitude. Our dresses to a certain extent define our personalities, how do we look at things, how would we react and are people comfortable while talking to us.
  • Our backgrounds: To an extent the way we dress also can put a brief highlight on our backgrounds, for example if you see someone who is dressed in an elegant looking suit and fantastic formal shoes, you would for sure think he belongs to a top corporate community. If you see someone wearing a casual T-shirt and headphones, you will think of them as some DJ. So our backgrounds do get reflected with our dressing.
  • Our taste: Outfits and our fashion sense speak volumes about our taste; people relate our taste in terms of our likes and dislikes, our hobbies and our lifestyle with how we present ourselves. So the better you look, people will assume you have a great taste in a lot of things in life.

Now the question is does improving our fashion affects our personality and attitude in a positive way, or is it just a misleading fact. Well, surely it does, the simple justification for it is that when you wear the right dress and you easily get accepted among the people, then you obviously feel comfortable and confident that in turn puts out a positive vibe in the context of your personality and attitude.

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