Have you seen the 2010 Hollywood action film From Paris With Love? If so, then you are familiar with Agent Charlie Wax of the CIA who is assigned a new partner to work with and a new mission to complete. He uses his charming yet ruthless personality to track down a group of terrorists who plan on infiltrating the US embassy. The movie made a bit of a splash and while it didn’t do as well as hoped one thing that did stay with the audience was the great outfits. Through the action packed sequences of the movie you may have noticed the costumes that often stuck out on screen, one of the best ones being the leather jacket worn by the lead character.

The John Travolta leather jacket is one sophisticated piece of clothing that looks great on screen. It does wonders for your style and is crafted exceptionally by brilliant designers. Many people who saw it in the movie have searched online for a replica or something of the kind; luckily several great replicas matching the original exactly came up on online markets soon after the movie came out. The great cut gives it an air of sophistication that makes the wearer look classy. You’ve seen Travolta wear it as Wax in the movie and now you can get your very own copy. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a great leather piece to their wardrobe. The brown color makes it the perfect choice for formal as well as casual settings and you can be sure that it will fit in well with most of your outfits so you need not spend time trying to pair it with the right clothes. The simple yet trendy cut is one that will remain in style for a long while to come which means you are going to be wearing a fashionable jacket for a long time. Just get yourself an authentic high quality piece so that it is durable and stays the same even after years of wear so you don’t regret buying it one bit.

This classy jacket is available on most of the online stores, so if you’re in the market for a new leather piece you just need to find an online store that stocks it, which shouldn’t be all that hard. Whether you have seen it in the movie or are just getting your first look at it you already know this is the one you need to buy. Available at prices ranging from $200 to $280 this is a fairly reasonable piece for its great quality and amazing style. Try finding it on discount somewhere so you can get it at a slightly more affordable rate. This jacket is something you can wear with everything so think of it as making a wonderful investment in your wardrobe. If you want to get your hands on it just find a link online and place your order and you’ll soon be flashing your classy style to all the onlookers.

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